Fire Door Installation & Maintenance

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Ensuring Your Fire Doors Meet UK Regulations 

Properly installed and maintained fire doors are crucial life-saving equipment in your commercial property or workplace. SD Limited provides professional fire door installation and maintenance to keep your building compliant and occupants safe.

As a leader in fire safety services, we offer:

  • Fire Door Supply - We source high-quality, certified fire doors that meet the required ratings for your property type in a wide range of different styles.
  • Installation & Fitting - Our technicians expertly install new fire doors and frames according to all applicable UK fire regulations.
  • Inspection & Testing - We conduct routine inspections and testing to identify any issues with your existing fire doors.
  • Upgrades & Repairs - If problems are found, we make necessary repairs or install upgraded fire doors where needed.
  • Fire Door Maintenance - Regular servicing keeps your fire doors properly functional and compliant over their lifespan.
  • Record Keeping - Detailed records are provided after each inspection to document the current fire door status.

Ensuring your fire doors meet changing UK requirements can be complicated. SD Limited stays up to date on all regulations to keep your property compliant. Contact us today to discuss your fire door installation or maintenance needs.

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