The Importance of Regular Fire Door Inspections

Posted on October 17, 2023 Fire Safety swabs logo mark

With the new UK regulations that came into effect in January 2023, regular fire door inspections are now more crucial than ever for commercial buildings and workplaces. The updated laws mandate stringent inspection and compliance standards to ensure the utmost safety in the event of a fire emergency.

Most critically, the new regulations state that the designated "Responsible Person" in a building must complete a detailed inspection of all fire doors in the premises every quarter. This represents a major increase in the fire door inspection frequency compared to previous UK law.

While fire doors have long been a requirement in commercial spaces, many building owners and managers may not have fully appreciated the life-saving role properly installed and maintained fire doors serve. Fire doors are designed to contain fires for a specific period of time, preventing flames and smoke from spreading rapidly throughout a building. When installed and inspected regularly, they buy occupants those precious extra minutes needed to evacuate safely.

Without regular inspections, any number of issues can render a fire door deficient:

  • Damage that compromises the integrity or closing mechanism of the door
  • Improperly installed seals, hinges, or closures
  • Painting or alteration that does not meet fire rating standards
  • Blocked or obstructed exit routes

The consequences of non-compliant fire doors could be devastating in the event of an emergency. Fire and smoke could spread with alarming speed, reducing visibility and causing disorientation while obscuring exit signs and routes. The structural integrity of the building itself could be threatened if containment is rapidly breached. Most concerning of all, lack of proper fire door functioning can literally mean the difference between life and death for building occupants before help arrives.

By scheduling professional fire door inspections on at least a quarterly basis as the new laws require, building owners and managers can identify and remedy any issues to bring doors up to the updated legal standards. Qualified inspectors will check all functionality, fire seals, ratings, closures, smokeproofing, hardware, frames, and installation. Any problem doors will be flagged for repairs, replacements, or upgrades as needed.

While the updated UK laws may create more responsibilities for companies like ours, the improved fire safety they facilitate makes them worth embracing. By ensuring fire door compliance through regular professional inspections every quarter, we can provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from providing the safest environment possible. Don't leave fire safety to chance - ensure your building meets all the new standards with a fire door inspection from our team today.